Making Health Equality A Reality

Parishioners from Calvary Victory Bible Church participating in a Visioning session. The next post was written by Bronx Health REACH employee Immaculada Moronta. Recently, I led two visioning classes for the Complete the Grand Concourse Initiative, which can be a work to bring life-saving improvements to the entire Grand Concourse with traffic soothing measures, protected bicycle lanes, curb extensions, and dedicated bus lanes.

The visioning periods were held at two Bronx churches, who are companions in the Bronx Health REACH Faith Based coalition. Visioning classes are a terrific way to listen to from the grouped community about the concerns and improvements needed. Created by James Rojas, a visioning session involves several community members using objects such as small blocks of wood, string, artificial flowers, pipe cleaners etc. to design their ideal community/community. At both visioning classes individuals were instructed to use the material provided and design their community as they might enjoy it, whether that was making roads safer, improvements to the parks or even more places for physical activity in their neighborhood.

The first visioning session included nine parishioners from Christ the King Church located off the Grand Concourse at Marcy Place. It plays an essential role in providing community support for getting the Complete the Grand Concourse Initiative was done dealing with Bronx Health REACH’s partner, Transportation Alternatives. One participant described that the Grand Concourse needs more light since it is quite dangerous to mix the street at night. Others pointed out that the Grand Concourse might use more cameras and gives pedestrians additional time to cross. One participant wants the Grand Concourse to be more appealing such as Park Avenue in Manhattan visually.

Another participant spoke about improving the park with more benches, swings, trash cans, water fountains, more flowers, and trees. Other park improvements participants wanted to see include having a first aid kit available and EMS responders at the park, water fountains for children to play, a certain area for dogs/pets, and benches in the shade for seniors to sit.

The second visioning session included fifteen parishioners from Calvary Victory Bible Church like the Pastor of the Church and 8 children. 12 months old kid At Calvary Victory Bible Chapel the first ever to share was a father and his four, who I specified his special assistant. They had constructed what I thought was a golf-ball court, but was actually four camera poles that might be in their ideal park.

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They experienced parks in the Bronx needed more light and with increased surveillance and lighting the medication sellers would move somewhere else. The lighting would also help police with investigations. Another participant created a farmers market and a store that offered salads since she felt that didn’t currently exist in her neighborhood.

One participant said that more community centers are needed with a concentrate on job training so adults would stay off the streets. Another highlighted open public safety, and wish to see more law enforcement participation. Another participant went further by saying that since there are multiple ethnicities in her community, the police have to be trained to allow them to be more inviting to diverse communities better.