About Us

Albert Matt Smith is a 28-year-old previous health centre assistant that appreciates podcasting, upcycling and cooking. He is thoughtful as well as kind, however can likewise be very cowardly and a bit unintelligent.

He is a Portuguese Muslim who defines himself as gay. He has a degree in medicine.

Literally, Albert remains in good condition. He is high with olive skin, black hair as well as brownish eyes.

He matured in a top course area. After his mom passed away when he was young, he was raised by his daddy

He is presently single. His most recent love was with a junior supervisor called Daniel Wyatt Hunter, that was 8 years older than him. They separated because Daniel intended to be with somebody extra lively.

Albert’s buddy is a former health centre receptionist called Hayden Miller. They have a very firey relationship. He also accompanies Leland Humphreys and also Eva Leigh. They delight in digital photography together.