Joli Natural Skin Care

My focus is on skin care made the traditional way, the way nature intended it. Making skin care upon request so that it is fresh and prepared to use as apposed to skin care that is produced in higher quantities and sitting around on store shelves for long periods of time. I am incredibly interested in making skin care free from the harmful chemical substance sticktails within most skin care. Creating beauty products that are good for individuals as well as the surroundings. My inspiration and the theory for a fresh skin care line originated from my babies.

All of my children (from newborn to toddlers) were not able to use your skin caution given in the hospital goodie bags without getting rashes on the epidermis and severe nappy allergy. I appeared around for products which were gentler and tried a wide variety of brands and then find none of them worked plus they still contained iffy elements. For a very long time they bathed in basic water since it was the thing I could put on their skin. Initially a friend and I began experimenting with skin-care quality recipes to see which ones we liked and those gave positive results.

At the beginning we were just playing around, experimenting if you will. Though over time I realized we were onto something because I now had products I possibly could use on my children’s skin with impressive results. It really is a long story of the way the continuing business grew from there. In short I needed to make the products open to everyone, sure that there has to be other mothers in the same plight as me. Other people with sensitive skin needing skin care they could use without issue. With this thought I invested serious time, work, training, research, and money into introducing a new range of skin care that is unique in its lack of known epidermis irritants.

You don’t know very well what you don’t know. Boy did I find this out the hard way. Because of my previous work positions, training and education I used to be naive to the fact that I actually knew so little in what I used to be getting myself into. I thought it was child’s play which I understood all I had a need to know about operating a small business. That I’d put my on on the ground and start off working just.

I soon found out this was not the case so when I needed someone to turn to all I had formed were people who have no experience running a business. People who would give me all sorts of advice about changing the color of the logo design and the web-site color pallette to the business name not being satisfactory enough. Foolishly I followed a true number of their recommendations much to the detriment of the direction I wanted to take.

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  • Discouraged employees increased 1.9%

Seeking more knowledge I considered other small business women and books. Reading as much as I could run a little business about. I’ve learned much about what works and what doesn’t. Mistakes was made and while I wish they hadn’t been, having made the mistakes is what created learning, knowledge, and understanding. From knowledge comes growth.

When my friend and I first started making products we made our own brands using Avery, choosing our own fonts, color, history, and so forth. Labels were neither drinking water nor smudge resistance. There is no something or logo with which you could identify the merchandise or brand. We were only making for ourselves, friends, and family, and to sell at markets, so we didn’t think it mattered much.