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Dividend growth trading is a phenomenal way to capitalize on the energy of compound interest because of the income potential and the ease of reinvestment into the portfolio. I keep track of my dividend and income stock prices via Personal Capital. I take a look daily and it is free completely.

I love dividends. Time to go buy more stocks and shares. In general, dividend trading is not very complex. Actually, the easier it is kept by you the better you’ll do. Good investing is boring. However, there are several dividend trading calculations that you should think about as you build and monitor your stock portfolio.

Annual dividend produce: Annual dividend yield is the calculation of the percentage of dividend per share received relative to the stock price. This is a great barometer of the annual income you receive from purchasing a stock. 2 per share in dividends. This is equal to a 4% annual dividend produce. If you plan on living off dividends, you want the annual dividend produce based on the cost you invested in stocks to be the best as is possible. Dividend growth rate: The dividend growth rate for a dividend stock is very important. I love buying stocks that continually increase their dividend because I essentially get a ‘raise’ every year for doing nothing at all.

You can calculate the dividend growth rate on any annual timeframe. To do so, take the existing 12 months’s dividend per share divided by this past year and subtract 1. Calendar year This will estimate the dividend growth rate set alongside the preceding. Dividend payout ratio: The dividend payout ratio is a way of measuring how much a dividend stock pays in dividends relative to their earnings. You need to consider the payout percentage of the stock because a high payout ratio means the company is retaining limited cash to be reinvested in the business. This may sometimes display a red flag.

If earnings drop, the dividend stock will have to reduce their dividend. That goes completely against our rules. We only want stocks that people know regardless of what they’ll (at a minimum) maintain their dividend or increase it over time. If you want to go on dividends, you must focus on the income element first. Make sure that the dividend will decrease in value never. You will need stability of the income and stock appreciation. Good stocks increase their dividend as time passes and the stock value appreciates as well. This is since the profits are likely increasing as well.

Also, understand that you are most affordable priority in the administrative center stack in case of a liquidation since you are a collateral investor. You are able to track these statistics with sites like FINVIZ easily. GuruFocus or Investopedia. Month of high quality Join GuruFocus and we will both get a free. I love their guru investor trackers to find new investment ideas. Once I find a new investment idea, I like to execute a quick-and-dirty analysis with this free downloadable dividend discount model.