My Travel Planning

I always take flight in economy. I also prefer to call it the cattle class. In search of good ticket air-plane deals I also follow many people that only fly in business and first. Sometimes it’s hard to understand the inequality and what some people can afford among others can not.The size of seats in economy class is shrinking and the size of seats in business and first keeps growing.

I am really disappointed that this is happening. I still don’t possess the response to the question: is business and first spending money on the cheaper overall economy class cattle seat tickets or is it vice versa? Anyway even in overall economy there are ways to make your air travel less of the torture then it ought to be. I make an effort to reserve my seat as as I book the seat tickets soon. Using one of my flights to BKK flying on Qatar A380 I came across this seat 68D. There seams to be an access hatch before the seat so there is no seat.

I think it was a mistake that they were published for my class because airlines reserve them for disabled or moms with children. Flying to BKK I acquired a different seat totally. Soaring back I complained and I got that chair actually. It made the trip a whole great deal nicer. A guideline would be: reserve your seats as soon as possible.

There is not much choice. Nothing stands out. The air-plane is Airbus A330-300. I choose chairs in row 39 (1 and 2). If I experienced some courage I’d choose row 39 where there are three seats on the aisle and hope that no one will be designated to the center seat.

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Decided to try out it safe. On my flight back JFK to CDG on Air France managed Boeing 777-200/ 200ER I went with selecting row 23 hoping for some more lower leg room. Looks like I managed to “reserve” the best economy seats because of this plane. Seatguru hyperlink. I’ll only need to ensure I get them when looking at in. What do you think about my selection?

The Keystone Advantage: What the New Dynamics of Business Ecosystems Mean for Strategy, Innovation, and Sustainability. Marco Iansiti and Roy Levien (Harvard Business Review Press, 2004). Argues that companies can protect and ensure their own success, or undermine it, depending on how they foster the mixed health of the network they operate in. Bases insights on “keystone varieties” in biology that work to proactively maintain the healthy functioning of their whole ecosystem because their own survival depends on it.

“When to Ally and When to Acquire,” Jeffrey H. Dyer, Prashant Kale, and Harbir Singh. Harvard Business Review, July-August, 2004, 108-115. Offers a framework to help organizations decide between acquisition and alliance by analyzing three pieces of factors: the resources and synergies they really want, the marketplace they compete in, and their competencies at collaborating.