Can Be Bad For Glasses Wearers

Hi everyone, hope you men are doing well! Today I’m going to review a product that I’ve attempted for a long period so I can truly give my honest opinion about any of it. It’s the Dr Jart Silver Label BB Cream which is something I’ve had on my sink counter since I purchased it in Malaysia last summer time.

So what I’ll do is I’ll give some basic info on the company, substances and availability and then I’ll get into my thoughts and swatches. To be honest I’m really confused about the product in conditions of its repackaging actually. During my research I came across 3 different versions of the packaging and wasn’t sure which one was a latest due to different websites and weblogs saying different things. I also checked the Sephora (US) sight but the BB cream wasn’t even detailed. So I’ll try to dig a little bit deeper in order much information is really as accurate as it can be. If not, i want to know in the I’ll and feedback edit this post!

I’ve got a flick through their website and they’re relatively good with displaying the elements list and which products are cruelty free, however not absolutely all products are. I haven’t researched each and every product but from what I’ve seen is that most of the skin care is cruelty free whilst the cosmetics and face masks are not.

All of their products are made to address issues such as essential oil control and acne, dark areas, redness and scarring. ‘whitening’ BB cream that contains a “natural barrier complex” to safeguard skin whilst providing a high coverage to protect blemishes. The ‘Hyper Soft Polymer’ was created to prevent colour changes and keep maintaining clarity in your skin. UVA and UVB rays.

Well this will be a simple section. There’s only one shade. So if a pores and skin is had by you build darker than a rich medium then don’t bother reading any further. Also I think if you have very pale skin give this a miss maybe. Initially the liquid is a desaturated beige with a heavy grey undertone. Nonetheless it does oxidise meaning it will get darker and warmer, the change received’t be ridiculously drastic however. Slightly tacky finish even when set. Can be bad for glasses wearers. One of the basic things I really like concerning this product is the coverage and longevity.

  • Curl Creams & Curl Gels
  • Consumer Chemicals and Containers Regulations
  • After cleansing, use a cotton pad and saturate it with the toner. Use light sweeping motions
  • Damage to the thyroid gland
  • Tarte Blush Palette
  • The look immediately after

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