“Startup Ideas We’d Prefer to Fund” post of a few years back I’d like to start a series of content about ideas that I find fascinating and that we at Point Nine would be very thinking about buying. Here’s the first one. I’m an enormous, huge enthusiast of electronic putting your signature on. ” email I rejoice because I am saved because of it the hassle of printing, completing, signing, scanning, and emailing the signature webpages (don’t get me started on snail-mailing paper copies with unique signatures!). That is of course particularly true if you’re don’t and vacationing get access to printers constantly. The merchandise is inherently viral.

Very rare for SaaS solutions. Which means low customer acquisition costs, which, coupled with a good revenue model, are a killer. The merchandise is valuable for specific users but becomes even more valuable if it’s utilized by an entire division or a whole company, which means you can use a Hammer-like land-and-expand strategy to get into bigger accounts.

Any meanings behind them–if there ever were any–may be lost forever. Source: Detroit Free Press, August 13, 1911Soon the remnants of the Ramara Flats will be torn down and carted off. The vacant lot will be filled in and graded, and only one lonesome sibling shall stick to the part where three once stood.

The middle-­1950s and early 1960s were, of course, a right time of great prosperity and industry in America. Growing up in Utah in a tight-­knit Mormon community, my four more youthful sisters and brothers and I felt that anything was possible. As the adults we knew had all lived through the Depression, World War II, and the Korean War then, this era felt to them like the calm after a thunderstorm. I remember the positive energy-­an eagerness to go ahead that was allowed and supported by an abundance of emerging technology.

It was growth amount of time in America, with home and processing building at an all-­time high. Banks were offering credit and loans, which meant increasing numbers of people could own a fresh TV, house, or Cadillac. There were amazing new appliances like disposals that ate your garbage and machines that washing your meals, although I certainly do my share of cleaning them by hand.

The first organ transplants were performed in 1954; the first polio vaccine emerged a year later; in 1956, the word artificial intelligence entered the lexicon. The future, it seemed, was here already. Then, while I was twelve, the Soviets launched the first artificial satellite-­Sputnik 1-­into earth’s orbit. AMERICA government’s response to being bested was to create something called ARPA, or the Advanced STUDIES Agency.

Still, while my family was middle-­course, our perspective was shaped by my father’s upbringing. Not that he discussed it much. Earl Catmull, the child of an Idaho dirt farmer, was one of fourteen kids, five of whom experienced died as newborns. 83 of 91 people found the following review helpful.

Ed is my hero. This is a biased review. Ed is my hero, and has been for a good thirty years. I’m one of individuals for the reason that 1985 photo near the end of the publication. This book can be like Ed: Brilliant, quotable, succinct, and humble. There are few people nowadays as smart as Ed, fewer who appear to lack any ego, and a vanishingly small number who are both.

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Nobody else could write a reserve on management that cites both Zen and stochastic self-similarity. 4 of 4 people found the following review helpful. 160 of 181 people found the following review helpful. When Ed tells a whole tale, it’s in your very best interest to listen. In my own 18 many years of knowing Ed, 6 of which I had developed the pleasure of working at Pixar, I’ve yet to meet someone who is so genuine, so brilliant, and so quiet.

Quiet, that is, until he has something to state. Ed doesn’t speak unless he’s given something much thought and if/when you are lucky enough to receive an impression or a little of advice from him, get it, and hold on. With this written book, Ed Catmull has given the global world an incredible present. Much more when compared to a book for managers, it contains wisdom and stories that you’ll carry into the rest of your life. Creativity, Inc. is thoughtful, sage, funny, and 1000% true. There is certainly no one else who could have written this book with such candor–and become familiar with about true candor and it’s an absolute requirement in the creative process.