Career Advice In YOUR WINE Industry

In college I recall writing my first application. The career center gave out a job’s guide, and it got several examples of resumes that would be appropriate for a recent graduate. One of the last items on several of them was Interests and Hobbies. While I don’t encourage people to put this down on a professional resume, lots of the resumes I receive do list this. It really is interesting to see a few of the pastimes-people list. I didn’t know very well what a luthier was until someone outlined it as a hobby. Making stringed devices does appear to be fun. Something I encourage you to list is community involvement activities however.

Being energetic in non-profit and other community organizations can be very rewarding, as I wrote in a recent post about. Everyone moans about having less time they have. Charitable community and organizations programs often need talented individuals to oversee their functions and help promote them. Not everyone wants to take part in volunteer activities, and this is a real way you can distinguish yourself from them.

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By getting involved and taking part in your community you are helping others and showing your willingness to share your talents and time. If you are volunteering, put that information on your job application. List how long you have been active with each organization, and any positions you held on boards, projects, or committees.

These items are extremely informing to future employers about you and make a robust profile of your skills, interests, and commitments. I believe many companies would like to have an active contributor who can interact with people in a variety of ways and is attempting to improve things for others. Nor sure enabling you to help out? Begin by taking a look at organizations in your industry and within your field of knowledge. If you’re a seasoned business owner, the tiny Business Association has many programs you can help you with. If you’re a university alumni, contact the alumni association to find out where they might need your assistance.

Looking for something local? Many counties and cities have volunteer needs and list them on their websites. When you are out in your community and see a volunteer project, ask them what they are doing and ways to join. Charitable organizations have a lot of volunteer opportunities, and list them on the websites.

For all you parents of school-age children, those colleges may use your help. Contact your son or daughter’s teacher and find out ways to help. And participation leads to other opportunities too. I started out planning a school garden project and quickly got involved with the UC Davis school garden group.

Then I was enlisted in another garden task and now am starting a metropolitan farm project with the local food bank. It’s very rewarding to find yourself in like minded people. And your community involvement is a good idea in your career as well. Try it, you may like it. And make sure you put it on your resume then.

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