Scratch Lets Your Kid Learn Coding Online, FREE OF CHARGE! Here’s How

You may have heard of Scratch. It’s a long-running online task that helps teens and kids learn how to code. Scratch is free, it runs in your browser, and it offers an excellent intro to the global world of computer programming for kids and adults as well. If your child is thinking about learning to code then Scratch is an excellent place to begin.

Want to learn how to help your child get started doing Scratch? Continue reading to learn! Scratch is a simple programming environment created for kids aged 8 to 16. Of keying in lines of text Instead, as you are doing with traditional coding, you pull colored blocks and sign up for these to build programs jointly. The Stage. This is the large white rectangle in the top-left part where all the computer animation happens. To start your program jogging, you click the green flag button. The Sprites Window. This sits below the Stage, and it contains the set of sprites (animated images) that you’re using in your current project.

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The Block Palette. This section is in the middle of the Scratch windows, and it contains all the programming blocks that you can use in your programs. They’re organized into categories, including Motion, Looks, Sound, etc. The Scripts Area. This is actually the large rectangle on the right-hand side, and it contains your scripts (computer programs). You move blocks from the Block Palette into the Scripts Area to build your scripts. The primary Scratch window contains the Stage, the Sprites Window, the Block Palette, and the Scripts Area. Once you’ve created a Scratch project, you did it to your personal computer as a document download.

You can upload the file again later if you would like to continue to focus on your project. Scratch runs in a web browser entirely, which means you can run it from any desktop computer almost. However, you do need to have the Flash plugin installed. That rules out using Scratch of all tablets, but if you come with an iPad then check out ScratchJr, a cut-down version of Scratch that operates as an iPad app. What can my kid do with Scratch?

Although it uses a fairly simple programming language, Scratch lets your son or daughter create a pretty big range of tasks, from computer-generated artwork and animated cartoons to quizzes, puzzles, and simple arcade video games. Among other activities, Scratch lets kids create simple animations using computer code. It must be said right away that your kid isn’t going to make the next Minecraft or Angry Birds using Scratch – it’s not powerful enough. That’s not the idea really, though.

Unlike traditional programming – where it can take days of coding merely to get something to go around onscreen – Scratch lets you create animated images and sound in a few minutes, simply by dragging blocks around. This means that kids can easily see pretty good results almost instantly, which in turn pushes them forward to develop their coding skills further. What can kids study from Scratch?