We Were Promised 48 Hour Turnaround

Those of you who’ve never done business in India may enjoy this quick tale. Those who have or are doing business in India will empathize. We recently ordered telephone service from Tata Indicom, an Indian provider of wireless telephones. We needed the number quickly since we had people waiting to get and make use of the phones. We were promised 48-hour turnaround.

Our purchases were considered complete over fourteen days ago, a week of July during the third, each day to ask as to their whereabouts and since that time we have been phoning several times. Every day we are told, in essence, that the phones are to arrive, every day and, there is some good reason the cell phones have never.

Earlier today, we were informed by Dinesh Yadav, the “Sales Executive” at Tata Indicom that someone needed to be at my residential address to signal and deliver additional paperwork. Having experienced people waiting within my apartment for Tata in the past, we wanted to travel from any office to the apartment on the condition that the cell phones are ready and looking forward to us. Mr. Yadav refused, stating that surely the cell phones would be delivered following this latest circular of document demands and wondering why we doubted his assertions.

We decided to speak with Mr. Yadav’s supervisor, Sachin Kulekar a “Manager” at Tata Indicom, who up to date us that he did not care that we very dissatisfied with Tata and needed help. In effect, we were educated that customer satisfaction and quick delivery of guaranteed products were no longer part of Tata Indicom’s mission.

So, if you are considering telephone service in the Mumbai area and getting a phone number and phone equipment is important to you, consider avoiding Tata Indicom. While Tata products and services are thinking about reliable in India still, Tata Indicom and its Mumbai sales and service procedure failed more completely than any other service provider I had handled in recent memory space. Timely and reliable service remains a scarce item within India — Tata Indicom’s failures, from the well well-known Indian conglomerate, while perhaps not unexpected, were disappointing nonetheless truly. We are to Reliance off, a competitor, to find out if we fare much better.

They are also sensitive to competing earnings in the U.S. Regardless of the relative strong buck, it remains the situation that real results in developed economies are still unusually low, and commodity prices are historically high still. So recent concerns about emerging market economies tend overblown. Search for some recovery from recently-depressed levels. In the ultimate analysis, the biggest concern nowadays is the potential fallout from escalating tariff wars. 11 shows facts that he arguably believes bolster his strategy.

135 billion. China is selling almost four times more “stuff” to us than we are available to them. So, the thinking goes, if both nationwide countries jack port up tariff rates to prohibitive levels, the Chinese have a lot more to lose than we do, especially since our economy is still about half again as large as China’s. At some point the Chinese will wave the white flag, we’ll all agree to reduce or eliminate tariffs and intellectual property right theft, and light and sweetness will go back to international trade relations.

We can’t eliminate a successful end to today’s tariff wars, but neither can we be self-confident that they will inexorably lead to a repeat of the Smoot-Hawley tariff wars which led to the fantastic Depression. I continue to think that tariffs are so universally thought as bad and even ridiculous that eventually our leaders can do the right thing and make trade freer and fairer. Why wager against what would be a win-win for all ongoing parties? THEREFORE I remain optimistic, but there is certainly ample reason for many to stay worried and careful.

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