Is MBS REIT Possible?

The modern banking and finance system that we all know of is not actually all that modern and tech-savvy. With a model that has been around for many years or decades even, the fund industry has one of the best level of resistance to new technology. Only up till recently, with concern with how start-ups have the ability to disrupt their shares of the pie, they are opening up to collaborate to enhance the uptake of technology into the operational system.

Even so, the latest technology adoption with significant effect on consumers is mobile internet and banking bank. In conditions of distribution channels, the banks are now able to spread in the united states without relying on brick-and-mortar branches that could cost a significant dent in their profits. However, all these are under threat as tech giants release more services such as Apple Pay and Google Wallet which could take transactions from the banking institutions. While each one of these innovations alter how exactly we interact with the banks, making it more convenient for consumers hence, it has not significantly reduced the handling time that your bank’s need to accommodate these advances.

This is because of the actual fact that money is moving at a faster rate and even with the adoption of technology only having the ability to keep up with the actions of money. However, each one of these will change with a new technology that surfaced in the cryptocurrency – Bitcoin.

The next possible FinTech disruption could be using blockchain technology. The blockchain technology, basically, identifies the general public online ledger accounts, where transactions and data are recorded. It is hardened against tampering, viewable to the public, hence making it transparent and decentralized also. An individual unit of the blockchain is known as a block, where multiple of such forms a chain, with information such as timestamp and other important data relating to the previous one.

All these data stored in the blockchain are then processed together by those with the necessary processing powers (this is called mining). This offered the blockchain technology the decentralization function, where no one centralized party is able to affect the decisions of the group. Recommended Post: Is MBS REIT Possible? The problem with the existing banking method is that there surely is much reconciliation of accounts between numerous parties, leading to time wasted on control.

By adopting blockchain, banks can now settle transactions at a faster rate as there is consolidated account where it is easily viewable to all or any. To an industry that is plagued with trust and honesty issues, this new technology could be exactly what will restore beliefs in consumers. This new technology has led to many different variants apart from the cryptocurrency also. 100M. This fund collectively votes for certain investment or project to invest their funds without any recognizable leader. While this is new entirely, it is currently more of a social experiment of how such funds will continue to work in the future as well as the theory of collective intelligence. We will be developing more thrilling information on FinTech and if you have any questions or existing discussions, do comment below! Be sure you offer your views. Unless you put your two cents in, how will you expect to get change?

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