My Top 5 Favourite Christmas Movies

One of the things that I love about Christmas are the hilarious movies that I get to watch with my children – we have fun so hard, we cry! Christmas is approximately being with family really, celebrating the delivery of the Christ child, enjoying the Christmas spirit that is in the air, eating amazing food and treats and seated to watch a classic Christmas movie.

Christmas with the Kranks is one of the funniest Christmas movies in existence in my opinion. I love watching this movie with my dad because we so difficult that people cry have a good laugh. Tim Allen is his usual hilarious self and the antics that continue are just too funny! This is one particular movies that I’d watch though it isn’t Christmas, but I try to reserve it for The holiday season, since it’s learning to be a Christmas Tradition for all of us to view this movie together!

Irving Berlin’s 1954 Christmas Classic ‘White Christmas’ is a very special movie for me personally! My grandmother and I used to watch this movie together every year and I’ve the fondest recollections of her while I watch this film now. I usually think the period in which this film was made and life was not easier, but it was simpler and love just appeared less complicated – I’m also a sucker for the locks and makeup of this era! Elf is a movie which makes me chuckle from start to finish – I love the whole idea of a human being elf visiting NY and discovering it for the first time.

There are way too many favorite scenes for me to create about because every one of them are just so funny. This is a Christmas favorite definitely! Four Christmases is a superb Christmas movie – I cannot say it’s on a single level as ‘Christmas with the Kranks’, or ‘National Lampoons Christmas vacation’, as these classics are believed by me, but this movie is thought by me is hilarious. Well, these are my top 5 favorite movies! I’d love to listen to from you and discover what a few of your favorites are?

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