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Integrated manufacturing plant is situated at Hamirgarh, District Bhilwara (Rajasthan) equipped with latest technology machineries and coal-based captive power vegetable of 10.50 MW. The company produces an array of cotton yarns, which range from Ne 5 to Ne 24 in Open-end and Ne 10 to Ne 80 in Ring-spun yarns, with one and multi-fold types.

It also produces value added yarns like Slub, Compact, Core Spun, BCI/TBC, and Organic certified yarns and yarns produced from Supima and Giza cotton. The quality Yarns is using to manufacture top-quality gray fabrics which are consumed by the global apparel industry. The Company has marquee clients across the European, Asian, and US Pacific countries and the local market as well. 77,000 spindles to 223,000 currently.

Recent development of rotating capacity in compact spindles will further allow the company to produce superfine superior yarns for high-value apparels and completing fabrics. Company programs to go further into value -added products, which include dyed and melange yarns. The company is enjoying economies of size by having one of the biggest content spinning capacities at a single location and large diversified product range providing to varied customer needs. The company is using the condition of the artwork technology from world-renowned equipment manufacturer’s latest. All plants are updated with the latest technological developments and supported by experienced professionals.

Well-equipped lab to monitor quality and develop new product for customers. Raw cotton is a major cost component in rotating business and cost is likely to remain stable in the future. The company is strategically situated in the cotton-growing belt giving cost and logistics advantages. Steady domestic consumption along with high average sales realization will help to domestic manufacturers. Company’s facilities are centrally located provides the added advantage of lower logistics cost along with economies of scale.

Existing tasks enjoy benefits of interest subsidy under TUFS and interest subsidy & electricity duty benefits under RIPS. Experienced promoters have excellent capabilities and eyesight to develop small-spinning device into worldwide-identified the company as the industry leaders for spun yarns. Now business sentiments have begun enhancing from Q3 after getting impacted credited to execution of GST in Q2.

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The company is consistently increasing its focus on home market and steadily reducing its exposure from exports market. Going forward company likely to move up the worthiness chain by increasing talk about of fabrics to further drive margins. The gradual improvement in domestic demand shall result in better realization of yarn products.

The home fiber intake of significantly less than three or, is one of the lowest globally. Increasing population, favorable demographics, rising per capita income, affordability, and global development consciousness will further drive the home growth. In 2017 company has implemented a growth project of Rs effectively. You will see a significant decrease in debt due fund raised through QIP & preferential issue. The business will in a position to show better earning and better financial leverage for future growth task. Further company plans to put on Integrated Textiles Units as a greenfield project.

The proposed project will have facilities from rotating to processing, value-added section to manufacture combined natural cotton yarns, melange yarn, dyed yarns, dyed and completed knitted materials and a new category in completed woven materials in cotton and its own blends. The company has recently purchased about 50 acres of land around 70 Kms from the existing site and the same has been transformed for Industrial use. The Textile Industry plays a substantial role in the Indian economy.

It constitutes 20% of commercial production, contributes around 10% to the export income, and 20% to the work in the commercial sector. This shows India’s potential to emerge as a worldwide production hub for textile and clothing. The home market offers significant growth opportunities for the Indian textile industry. Nitin Spinners had delivered industry-leading development in past and it shall continue steadily to outperform its peers in the future. Nitin Spinners is aggressively expanding its capacities to capitalize on the expected high future demand in the textile sector. Nitin Spinners stock at up Rs 114 is a great investment chance of both short term and long term (12 months to 4 years). 10% from camp with 10 -20% of profile allocation.