However, There Is Pinoy Box Office

I have finally obtained Cignal (website, Wikipedia) satellite HD television in my own home, and I am simply delighted with the high-definition picture. I’m evidently only the 10th person on the island of Mindanao to have HDTV. 195) for me personally in Jasaan; 500 pesos less for folks in CDO. 27) with the high-definition deal.

Currently, I just have 4 high-definition channels to view. Well, there really are 7 channels of high (er) definition, but I only watch 4: (1) History HD, (2) FX HD, (3) VOOM HD, and (4) HBO HD. 14)), gives me the ability to execute a side-by-side comparison of both products.

HBO, Cinemax, CNN, AXN, 2nd Avenue, Bio, and cartoons. No Discovery, History Channel, or sports at all. However, there is Pinoy Box Office. Dream Satellite has 38 standard description channels available. Here, you get (compared to Cignal) the addition of National Geographic, Discovery, History channel, Animal Planet, BBC News, and sports, but you lose HBO and Cinemax.

Oh: The on-screen program guide for Cignal is vastly better than Dream. With Cignal, you can view the TV in the upper-left corner of your display while you browse, while Dream completely cuts out all sound and video while you look around at what is on. Also, Cignal provides you with a short summary of what is on each channel as you scroll because of it, while Dream requires one click and expand the listing before being able to see that information. Cignal is better simply. Every channel that we viewed hand and hand had crisper edges, brighter colors, and less noise.

Also, during several rain storms, the signal indication has not been taken off while Dream has. You can click on the picture below to see the large version of both broadcasts (Cignal on the still left). One term of qualification though: The Cignal signal is passing via an HDMI connection, while the Dream Satellite is going via an RCA connection.

This may provide a better Cignal picture that you might not experience by yourself television if you are using an RCA connection with Cignal. Also note that the two broadcasts are not flawlessly contemporaneous: Cignal is about 1 second before the Dream, the images aren’t exactly the same hence. Since purchasing Dream 6 months ago, my channel lineup has decreased by 4 channels, no channels have been added.

In the 3 days I have acquired Cignal, I’ve already experienced one new channel to start broadcasting. Cignal satellite is partnered with Smart here in The Philippines and appears to be the stronger and growing business. I currently don’t possess the same confidence in Dream. Also, Cignal has high-definition, which is really the future.

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Of course I cannot forecast too much about the near future, but predicated on what was, what’s, and what obviously will be, Cignal is better-positioned befitting growth and progress now. 24) per month with 96 channels is the best deal when you can get it. For the person who wants to grab all the stops and have it all and are not particularly cost-sensitive, I would recommend getting Cignal and Parasat HD. For those of you limited by only satellite options, Dream, and Cignal both have their pluses and their minuses.

You’ll have to make your own choice predicated on the details I’ve laid out for you here. This short article was written on October 7, 2009. All information provided in this review is constantly changing and may not be correct at a later date. Please, use the links provided to verify the existing channel or prices packages, as they could have transformed since this writing. Sooner or later in the foreseeable future, Cignal may (probably will) have enough SD and HD channels (real HD channels with real HD content) to justify signing up, but for now, hold off on the purchase. Still waiting for ESPN, Star Sports, Disney, Sony, and Star Movies to look from “pretend” HD to full HD.

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