Tax Lien Investing

I’ve at this time another e-mail from a subscriber to my publication who informs me that they are very interested in my programs, but they’ve already spent a great deal of money with someone else’s coaching program. And since their investment is non-refundable, and it was a lot of money, they don’t need it any of my programs. I guess they were unable to get the response to their question from the trainer that they paid thousands too, so they body that they’ll just ask me. The problem is that easily do answer them, they might not like the answer that I give them.

I may be informing them the precise opposite of what they’ve been told by their so-called “expert” taxes lien investing trainer. I might not believe the strategy that they’ve paid thousands of dollars to learn is worthwhile in today’s market whatsoever. OK, this is my rant. I’ve enough had, so I’m warning everyone who subscribes to my newsletter and reads my articles now, “Buyer Beware,” because someone says that they’re an expert in taxes lien investing doesn’t mean they may be. Check them out before you give your credit card quantity and spend many non-refundable dollars to buy their program.

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You can google the name of the business and see if anything negative about them comes up and you could ask to see some evidence that they know very well what they are doing. How about asking to visit a sample of their tax lien collection before you give them your hard earned money?

Do they have experience in a state, or the state that you are going to make investments in? You should find out what support you are going to get exactly. If you’re paying a couple of hundred dollars, you should at least get unlimited e-mail support to have someone reply to your questions, and some regular coaching classes or classes.

If you’re paying thousands of dollars, that should include mobile phone support and coaching as well one-on-one, not only teleseminars where anyone can call in and ask a question. Beware of whatever sounds too good to be true. In their zeal to sell you their product Sometimes, companies can make claims about taxes lien trading that aren’t true simply.

“Government guaranteed” – they toss around this term to make you think that you’re guaranteed to get paid on a taxes lien, when in reality no one guarantees that you shall be paid. That’s why it’s important to do your due diligence on tax sale properties. “You don’t have to go to the taxes sale, you can certainly do this from your computer,” – this is partially true. Some counties do have online tax sales, but there are only 4 states that I know of that have counties with online sales. And that’s only some of the counties in those claims, not all of these.

“You don’t have to bid at the taxes sale, you can buy left-over liens from the county” – also only partially true, some counties do have left-over liens, but many of them don’t. If you’re thinking about left-over liens, you have to get the list immediately after the taxes sale, as every one of the good liens get picked over pretty quick and everything that’s remaining is the rubbish. If you believe that you’re heading to get properties that are prepared for foreclosure and foreclose in it, this is only likely to work with junk properties (properties with no value because it’s unbuildable land).

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