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Buy Now What kind of knife must i use to slice the pineapple? You shall want to employ a good breads knife – again, something you should in any case have. You could attempt a different kind of knife, but it will probably take a bit more effort than a bread knife.

SET THE VERY BEST BETWEEN YOUR PLATTER USING THE STEM AIMING UPWARD and check straightness. If it up does not sit down straight, trim underneath so that it is level and the stem stands straight. Leave the stem in the middle of the platter. 3. LOCATE THE MIDDLE OF THE PINEAPPLE CORE. Before cutting, note the group that runs through the middle of the pineapple -this is the primary.

It is commonly more solid than other parts of the pineapple and less desired to eat. It will eventually need to be removed, but it is easiest to do following the pineapple is cut into sections. Mark the middle of the core with a dot for reference with a knife or other tool. You will be cutting from the guts of the core (noticeable above) outward into 5 items. You may want to score it with lines to make sure you get even parts. Using a knife, mark 5 lines venturing out from the center at as evenly spaced as you can. It’s okay, whether it’s not perfect, but shoot for 5 even sections.

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If you marked the lines, follow them as much as possible. You may need to place the pineapple on it’s side to do the trimming. Make sure to use a sharpened enough knife to cut pineapple, but KEEP CONTROL ENOUGH TO AVOID AT THE CENTER. Since you are making 5 sections, you don’t want to cut it straight through. Remember what size that core was when looking down from the very best. The brand-new sections have 1/5 of that core at it’s point.

Take your razor-sharp knife, and glide down the idea to eliminate the core and discard. The sections should will have a set top and the rind still on underneath. Lay out one portion of pineapple on a cutting panel. Start your cutting in the bottom end (what used to be the bottom of the pineapple).