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My colleague Nicolas wrote a great guide with guidelines on how to do cohort analyses which I’d like to share with the readers of this blog. Thanks, Nicolas, for allowing me to hear guest release it. Without further ado, it is here! At Point Nine we believe that the only path to get a real sense of user retention and customer lifetime is doing a proper cohort analysis.

Much has been said and written about them and Christoph has a published a great template and guide on this issue if the concept is not used to you. With this Q&A I want to focus on a few of the more practical questions that may arise when you are actually applying a cohort evaluation for your startup. After near to two years of dealing with SaaS companies and doing much of the analysis I have learned that in most cases there is absolutely no perfect step-by-step method. Now let’s enter it!

Q: Which users must I include in the bottom quantity of the cohort? You can find two parts to the answer as it depends upon what you would like to measure. If you want to find out your overall user retention and have a free plan, month then you should include all signals of a specific.

However if you want to compute your customer lifetime value, you should only go through the true amount of paid conversions. I only count an account as a paid one when the user has … Read the rest

WAYS TO GET Rid Of Blackheads AROUND THE Nose?

To this question I would ask so: The only secret to effective results is attacking your skin blemishes including acne, blackheads, and whiteheads both from inside and out at a time. So read on this article to discover the simple 3-step acne free skin care program by a beauty expert. Ways to get Rid of Blackheads on Your Nose? WHAT’S The Main Trick?

I always inform my patients that the main secret to completely clean and clear pores and skin is very simple: just well-timed fight any tiny blemish on your skin layer both from inside and away. Then you will leave no chance for acne or blackheads to seem again on that person. This area of the game is mostly neglected by all acne sufferers.

But this is an essential step you will implement. You must apply homemade masks rich in vitamins and minerals on an every week basis. Consider applying both nourishing scrubs and masks. This will help to nourish and at the same time remove dead cells from your skin surface.

You have to detox your face twice each day with a special skin care product for blackhead removal. Remember that your skin pores should be cleansed on a regular basis in order to get as much air as it can be. 3. Daily Appliance Of Defense Cream. The third step of your daily acne skin care program is applying protection cream on a regular basis.

  • Rinse in a warm shower
  • Accelerate muscle recovery & performance
  • Tylenol/benadryl/Vitamin
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That Is FOR MANY Growth Measurements

There are known reasons for this to be on dividend paying lists since it has elevated it dividend some 21% annually within the last 5 years and 16% annually within the last 10 years. Year For the current, it has only raised its dividend by 7%. There were other such lower dividend increases before and you will see this if you look at raises every year within the last 10 years. This stock has had a great development in Revenues, Earnings, Dividends, Stock Prices, CASHFLOW, and Book Value over the last 5 and 10 years. That is for any growth measurements, this stock has had good growth.

However, for all these development measurements, the grow rates have slowed up for 2008 or is likely to slow for 2009. This is hardly surprising, even as we are in a downturn. This stock has a solid balance sheet. The Liquidity Ratio is 1.90 and the Asset/Liability proportion is 2.03. They are both great figures. The Return on Equity (ROE) has been holding up quite nicely.

The ROE for 2008 was 18%, which is slightly higher than the 5-calendar year average of 17.7%. The Accrual Ratio is not significant at .51%. As I said earlier, I expect to make money on this stock in the long term and I plan to hold on to what I’ve. You can find two areas to this ongoing company.

The Equipment Group is perfect for Caterpillar dealerships. The Compression Group designs, designers, fabricates and installs compression systems … Read the rest

RioCan Real Estate 2

I am today reviewing RioCan REIT (TSX-REI.UN), because I own it, the annual statement (unaudited) for 2009 has just been released and the stock has had a big drop in cost. The interesting thing about the drop in price with this stock is that I cannot find any experts that are recommending a sell.

I see analysts’ recommendations from Strong Buy to Hold. The consensus recommendation is a Hold. The very first thing I love to take a look at is the Insider Buying and the Insider Selling action. 3M, but it seems to be all by one officer of the ongoing company. As I before have mentioned, people can sell for many reasons.

We are in a tough economy, and perhaps this officer of the company needs money. It might be more of a concern if there were lots of people selling, but this is not the case. The other thing is that there surely is almost no insider buying. When I look at P/E ratio, I find that it is at 32. That is high.

I get a 5-year average low of 23 and a 5-season average high of 34. Looking at these ratios, I believe that total ratios do count number. However, you do also want to look at ratios on a relative basis. This ratio is high no matter how you consider it.

The next thing I like to look is the Price/Book Value. Since the publication value is certainly going down rather than up, it … Read the rest

Stretching Benefits Improve Physical Flexibility Increasing Endurance

Stretching is a kind of physical exercise in which muscles and tendons are specifically flexing intentionally to enhance the elastically of muscle. Certain exercises can target muscle development building strength and endurance while toning the whole body. This leads to muscular coordination, a variety of motion, and increased versatility in normal activities.

Stretching is also used therapeutically to relieve pressure in muscle cramps for relaxation purposes. Including a stretching exercise program or yoga sequence in your weekly regimen can produce huge results providing the body with increasing blood flow throughout the body resulting in an elevation in energy. According to the Mayo Clinic, it is advised to warm up for 10 minutes before executing exercises. Stretching can be performed at any location at any time of the day to enjoy the full advantages of improved versatility and improved flow requires no equipment. You will find 5 different kinds of stretches including SMF stretching out, dynamic, ballistic stretching, static stretching out and PNF Stretching.

Although many people practice extending before and after a fitness program, results may vary with respect to the person’s physical fitness abilities. Stretching can be dangerous if performed incorrectly that may result in injury. Professional fitness trainers and physical therapists can help promote mobility function with treatment created for your unique needs. Myofascial release is utilized as an alternative medicine therapy that promises to treat muscular pain and skeletal immobility by stretching muscles to a tranquil state improving flexibility by stimulating the stretch reflex, enhancing the lymphatic … Read the rest