Business Intelligence Solution Evolution

The global business resource planning (ERP) systems industry blossomed in the 1990s automating back office operations. These systems have now become needed for many companies. Businesses are now extending their transaction-based systems to support more strategic and complex decisions. Accordingly, ERP vendors are suffering from a range of solutions concentrating on business intelligence (BI) in a variety of functional areas.

However, the question must be asked: Will there be an evolutionary nature to the adoption and use of these various BI solutions similar compared to that which occurred with ERP systems? This article uses a two-pronged research method of check out the adoption of BI solutions in Australian companies. The first stage of the strategy involved a Web-based study to identify BI execution patterns.

This was then expanded to include a case-study approach. The research indicates an evolutionary maturity in the adoption and use of BI solutions. Much attention has been paid to optimizing business transactions and the associated processing of data. However, top-level management is disappointed in the role information technology plays in helping decision making in organizations. Having the ability to use information systems to support decision making has been a goal because the intro of computer technology to business.

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