The Grants Direct Critical Funds To Cities

2,710,314 Lead-Based Paint Hazard Control Grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to safeguard low-income children and families from lead and other home dangers. 127 million honored by HUD to 48 conditions and local government companies to keep families and their children safe from lead-based paint and other home health insurance and safety hazards.

“Richmond is working diligently to serve all our residents,” said Mayor Stoney. The grants or loans direct critical money to cities, areas, and counties in a large number of privately-owned, low-income housing systems. The honor includes Healthy Homes supplemental funding to help Richmond and other communities mitigate multiple health hazards in high-risk casing simultaneously, in conjunction with their lead threat control activities. Month The HUD announcement caps the celebration of June’s National Healthy Homes. More info about HUD’s Lead-Based Paint and Lead Hazard Reduction Demonstration Grant Programs can be found here.

55 trillion excellent in 2016, add up to 215% of their GDP. This is driven by non-financial corporate and business personal debt mostly, the record said. 160 trillion, the lion’s talk about of global personal debt, reaching… 390% of these markets’ combined GDP. 32 trillion upsurge in developed market debt have been powered mainly by governments, with U.S. April 5 – Bloomberg (Fergal O’Brien): “Inflation across Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development member countries is accelerating, in February with the average reaching the quickest in five years. The increase was driven by energy prices, where in fact the year-on-year change jumped … Read the rest

Scratch Lets Your Kid Learn Coding Online, FREE OF CHARGE! Here’s How

You may have heard of Scratch. It’s a long-running online task that helps teens and kids learn how to code. Scratch is free, it runs in your browser, and it offers an excellent intro to the global world of computer programming for kids and adults as well. If your child is thinking about learning to code then Scratch is an excellent place to begin.

Want to learn how to help your child get started doing Scratch? Continue reading to learn! Scratch is a simple programming environment created for kids aged 8 to 16. Of keying in lines of text Instead, as you are doing with traditional coding, you pull colored blocks and sign up for these to build programs jointly. The Stage. This is the large white rectangle in the top-left part where all the computer animation happens. To start your program jogging, you click the green flag button. The Sprites Window. This sits below the Stage, and it contains the set of sprites (animated images) that you’re using in your current project.

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The Block Palette. This section is in the middle of the Scratch windows, and it contains all the programming blocks that you can use in your programs. They’re organized into categories, including Motion, Looks, Sound, etc. The Scripts Area. This is actually the … Read the rest

Ellens Celiac Information

I have about 5 or 6 businesses that I am presently working on from home which I love. I came across some website that I am focusing on to get our products on these websites. Right now they don’t have many gluten free options but they promise me they are trying to get more in and I have given them many suggestions. You are doing have to have at least a 60.00 order and you have to call 24 hours beforehand. The shipping is free for the first 2 a few months This is only in some areas it is part of Giant Food Stores this is a delivery service that you put your order online.

You do put your Bonus Card cost savings in also so that you can get the savings of the week and they do take coupons. This website is loved by me because you buy 6 or more items and the shipping is free. They use UPS and for my area which are within the suburbs of Philadelphia they explained that it would take two days. I do have to check when you have to have a minimum order and I’ll find that out on Monday. I simply discovered that you do have to have at least a 50.00 order but the delivery is always free.

They likewise have an application where you send friends to their website you get money for this. A number of the companies that I work for that I am … Read the rest

Healthy And Easy Holiday Party Recipes

‘Tis the season for holiday events, potlucks, and last minute Christmas visitors. Here, ‘s 9 super straightforward appetizer recipes that you can whip up in minutes! They’re all lower in carbs and higher in protein than typical social gathering tidbits and excellent for us weight-loss surgery put up-or to make a meal out of however you do not need to be a submit-op to enjoy these. Bring one among them to a holiday potluck or party so you possibly can be sure there will be one thing for you but you should definitely seize just a few straight away or the non-ops would possibly gobble them up first.

Shelly’s Cucumber “Sandwiches” – Little “Sandwiches” made from sliced English/Hothouse Cucumber, any Cold Cuts (look for low-sodium) and Cheese, serve with olives, pickles, mustard. Shelly’s Greek Hummus Rounds – I got here up with these years ago they are always part of my celebrations. Sliced English/Hothouse Cucumber, a dollop of Hummus, Kalamata Olives, Feta Cheese.

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Preheat oven to 425. Arrange florets on a baking sheet. Toss cauliflower florets in olive oil or spray with Pam, sprinkle with salt, and bake for 20 minutes turning as soon as during cooking. Serve with Bacon, Cheese & Onion Yogurt Dip. Mix collectively until effectively combined. Preheat oven to 350. Saute onions until golden. Set … Read the rest

American Century Investments Foundation

Applications will be evaluated by the American Century Investments Foundation double a year. Application deadlines will be 5:00 p.m. Applicants will be notified of the board’s decisions on paper approximately eight (8) weeks after the application deadline. THE BUILDING BLOCKS prefers grant money to organizations providing innovative opportunities that are lasting and inspire development in the areas where American Century Investments employees live and work. Twice, per season THE BUILDING BLOCKS encourage applications; however, organizations are yearly encouraged to use once. Preference will be given to organizations demonstrating strong leadership and successful programming where American Century Investments employees have significant and recurring involvement.

Due to the type of our business, American Century Investments is unable to provide financial loans or in-kind services directly to individual organizations. Review your organization’s Nonprofit Profile to ensure that all information is current. All applications must be posted online by 5:00 p.m. CST on the due date through the internet-grant program module (iGAM). In order to better serve grantees and funders, we are transitioning to new application software. We appreciate your endurance during this transition. Just click here to access the online program. If this is your first-time accessing the application form software, please click on the Register button in the upper right hand corner.

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