The Best Book On Credit Suisse Investment Banking Jobs

003e exist to earn money. Best Books: A specialist behind every reserve ABOUT THE BOOK You don’t have to be a financial whiz from birth (or the area of the 1%) to be an investment banker. Just ask yourself this essential question: What interests you more: money or how money works?

If you look in the mirror and see a lively, curious, flexible person who is not driven by natural greed, yet realizes that money to make the world go, investment bank with Credit Suisse may be the job for you. 003ein the world. Amrit Rao, an analyst with Credit Suisse from 2005-2007, serves as your personal guide through this challenging but rewarding world of investment banking. MEET UP WITH THE AUTHOR Amrit happens to be a small business college college student at Tuck, after having worked for five years in the fund industry.

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Before he accepted employment at Credit Suisse (his first job out of university), he wanted to be a doctor and before that, a research scientist. His favorite foods include burritos, Indian and Thai curries, and anything with tofu basically. He’s happiest when he’s around his family (Mom, Dad, and sister), and his good friends and their own families. EXCERPT FROM YOUR BOOK Diversity of Experience With such a strong emphasis on a diverse culture, some successful candidates might not have even majored in business. There is a creative art history major in my analyst class.

Many people majored ever sold, engineering, biology, it was an extremely long list for certain. So, don’t panic if you don’t immediately know the difference between APR or APY. Credit Suisse looks for a determination to work hard that’s rooted in a desire to learn. Focus on learning the difference between fiscal and financial plan, that’s a genuine question asked in some bank interviews! Life itself can be an experience, but the successful candidate to Credit Suisse knows how to advertise his or her own unique experiences to the needs of Credit Suisse. For instance, if you’ve lived or traveled abroad extensively, be able to communicate how those experiences prepared you for investment banking, like the ability to adapt to new situations quickly.

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These firms were not rated (NR). The rankings were determined by a true quantity of factors. A company’s Quadrix® Overall rating was considered. Quadrix is Horizon’s proprietary stock-rating system that rates approximately 5,000 shares. Each stock is rated on more than 90 different variables. New investments should be concentrated in four- and five-star companies.

A two-star ranking should force one to take a closer look at the firm and its prospects. • Unless stated otherwise, assume you will need to own one share to become eligible to sign up for the DRIP. If an ongoing company offers a direct-purchase plan that allows initial purchases, it is observed in the program Specifics.

• The DRIP rankings contain a “thumbs up” for appropriate programs or a “thumbs down” for unattractive DRIPs. • OCP is the abbreviation used for Optional Cash Payments – the voluntary obligations that shareholders may make straight into the DRIP to be able to purchase additional shares. Each list signifies how OCPs are spent by the company frequently.

If a dividend reinvestment plan doesn’t offer OCPs, this is indicated by “not available” in the program Specifics. • Some dividend reinvestment plans permit partial dividend reinvestment. This program allows participants to receive dividends on the part of the shares kept in the program while reinvesting dividends on the rest. This program is dealt with in the Plan Specifics. • When possible, specific selling costs are given. The fees provided are for “batch selling.” Some DRIPs permit marketing orders for offering but charge higher fees than for batch selling. Plans where investors must go through their own broker to market stock are highlighted in the program Specifics.

• Often, the best source of information in regards to a particular plan is the plan administrator. Therefore, when possible, a toll-free number for the DRIP plan administrator is detailed. In addition, a direct contact number to the ongoing company is provided. If you call the business for information, ask for the shareholder services department.