How To: Create A New Website In 20 Minutes

A lot of individuals think creating a new website with a brand new domain name requires a lot of work and time. While this can be true in some cases, it is entirely possible to have a new site up and handling traffic in 20 minutes completely, possibly less. The fundamentals are included in This article of creating a new website and illuminates one of the many paths you may take through these technologies.

It is highly suggested that you carefully consider your requirements and desires for your initial website and plan accordingly, changing these instructions and the order in which you follow them as necessary. Instantly, this guide may appear a long bit, but once you understand the core concepts covered here you will be fully prepared to set up new domains in record time. When you have existing accounts with anybody of the numerous website name registrars available online you can buy a new and available domain name in a matter of a couple minutes.

If you don’t have an existing account with a registrar, or this is your first-time registering your own website name, it’ll only have a couple minutes more to join up for a merchant account. This Wikipedia article serves as a good reference for many website name registrars. You can always register a domain name through Liquid Web too!

The registrar tells the web where you can look for your domain’s content by routing requests to the domain’s nameservers, nevertheless, you still need a “home” to store the actual files that make up the site’s content. This is for you to set up a web server accounts. The domain’s nameservers will route visitors to the IP of the web server that is storing the site’s files. If a VPS is got by you, Dedicated, or Storm server you can setup multiple website name accounts via your server’s software. This is the longest but most significant part to comprehend.

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Thankfully there are server software packages that can control content for you, and in most cases, they are configured in a way that is internet search engine friendly already! There are too many types of content management systems that can be covered in this guide, but setting up new server software is not as difficult as it might appear to the first timer. For example, if you have a server account that uses cPanel software and you are a Liquid Web customer you already have access to an instrument called Softaculous. Softaculous offers many different content management systems and will do most of the installation work for you.

Taking this example a step further and working towards our 20-minute goal, say we are establishing a new area for a privately owned bakery. By utilizing Softaculous and a content management system like WordPress for our hypothetical bakery site, we can have a brand new domain purchased and online with a search engine friendly system just waiting for content to be added.

And if you’ll still want to pursue that amazing custom site that you really really want, you are in good luck then. Note: If you wish to install a server software package that is not available in the included managed server software and need our support team’s assistance please open a ticket with our support team.

While we do not offer managed support for each server software package available online we will still give it our best attempt. Another important step: Changing nameservers will immediately start the process of pointing that new domain at the new/different nameservers. Usually do not make this apparent change until you are as certain as you can that you are ready to move forward. Make sure you read this entire section before you proceed. Back at the registrar where you bought your new website name find the button/link/page/etc that will help you change the nameservers for the domain.