How Much Do Instagram Ads Cost?

“Since 2015, you may use a basic toggle in the Facebook Ads Manager platform to choose to show your advertisements on Instagram,” Masek added. As a result, Patrick Havey, social media supervisor at digital marketing company Passion Digital, said it could be tempting to take care of Instagram ads exactly like Facebook advertisements. “However, despite both now duplicating each other’s features – THE FANTASTIC Storification, anyone?

And therein lie some opportunities for savvy marketers. What’s more, Havey mentioned that Instagram content tend to get 10 times more engagements than Facebook articles normally. “Thus giving you a distinctive chance to build trust and connect psychologically with your viewers in an uncluttered environment,” he added. Indeed, Nathan Mendenhall, director of social strategy at digital marketing company That Agency agreed Instagram is a high-engagement platform and is a great option for generating both brand site and awareness visits. Up your game with this FREE all-star playbook to internet marketing.

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