Is America’s #1 Franchise, Subway, Worth The Investment?

1 ranked franchise as your own business? If so, then Sub sandwiches are what is going to be your new food. Subway, this company has been ranked consistently in the top 3 of America’s best franchises in the last 5 years. That stat and the fantastic sub sandwiches of the company brought me to want to go over how does one become a Subway franchisee, the cost and what are some of the largest challenges in doing so.

75-250K investment. I thought this is a lot but then again I thought about the actual store manager told me and I immediately thought that this probably couldn’t be so bad. Another concern that arose was what exactly would I want for a credit card applicatoin. I saw that it didn’t seem so lengthy I just needed to leave my information on the website and they would send more information right to me.

I noticed that its process was comparable to McDonald’s in that I needed some business experience, money and a solid will to succeed. If you can make it through the process and you have a lot of capital a Subway could be yours. I noticed from different websites and just searching that Subway could be facing a distinctive and serious problem.

This problem was overcrowding. Although I loved eating Subway it seemed as though every which way I switched there is a Subway. This led me to believe that if there have been so many within a little radius could this affect profits for the franchisees? Thus far I have not been given any solid evidence that can justify my idea but it’s just a concern I think is very important to all potential owners. Lastly I think the Subway franchise is great for the right person who can afford the price and who has the commitment. I think the ROI could potentially be great but it all depends on location and exactly how much marketing is put in with respect to the franchisee. There’s a reason Subway is the number one franchise in the us and I don’t see that changing for many years to come.

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