The Daily Diary Of A Winning Loser

After writing last night about allowing Noah in my lap, behind the wheel–steering the automobile in the car parking great deal where I live, I received a few worried communications about the dangers involved. I clearly didn’t believe one through! That probability didn’t cross my brain in the least–but oh my, you’re so right, Vickie. And I appreciate your comment very much.

It is at a small parking lot–and I used to be ultimately in charge of the vehicle, but still–if a car got supported out into us–or something unforeseen like this, and I can’t even imagine. Anyway, I’ll not be doing that again! After I read your comment and understood the seriousness of it, the image of a loaded gun you are hoping nobody “bumps” and makes accidentally go off, crossed my mind. He loves cars and traveling.

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But we’ll stick to kiddie cars and maybe go karts some day! I understood something was taking place, but I didn’t know why. I started getting a bunch of Twitter activity midday. My Twitter followers naturally down fluctuate up and. Some people will observe without knowing what I’m all about, then quickly follow after several food and water pictures. I never personally take it. They’re not aware of what this Twitter feed is focused on or why it was only available in the first place.

I’m proud of the two years and four a few months worth of picture tweets documenting everything. I don’t anticipate preventing this part of my plan anytime soon, or ever, really. It proved, the Today Show included me within an article released on Twitter and Facebook. It was an unexpected surprise this afternoon.

That described today’s dramatic upsurge in Twitter and Facebook traffic! It was an honor to be incorporated with five other JoyFit Club users! We were celebrating. Everyone was collected at the restaurant in good spirits, food, and drinks ordered, discussions circulating and plenty of laughter frequently breaking out. I was at the end of the table looking over the menu, checking my calorie budget and deciding on what would become my dinner.

I already decided water-no ice, with lemon and lime, would be my drink choice. WHEN I purchased the 7oz sirloin with dual asparagus, the question came from a friend across the desk. Of all First, let me make it very clear–this is not a boast. That is a fact simply. Further–let me stress how amazed I am that I could honestly say that incredibly. How in the world may I do an about-face, 180–a total turnaround from where I came across myself sixteen months ago?

The answer isn’t a simple phrase or source. It’s a lot of things working jointly on several different levels. Spiritual, emotional, and mental work, and different degrees of support–from group support to 1 using one support, to the accountability steps put into place to help guide me along–keeping my understanding level high and my routine consistent. This turnaround from relapse/regain wasn’t a straightforward declaration of “starting tomorrow things will be different.” I attempted that strategy several times without a shred of success. I wasn’t creating an action plan and then, when things remained the same the next day, I’d sit around feeling hopeless and doomed.

It was like throwing the same thing against a wall and hoping it could somehow stick this time around. It didn’t, many times. I needed an action plan. An action plan was created Once, that’s when things started changing dramatically. The list was long: Go back to writing this blog daily, as the name suggests. Weigh and measure my food as much and normally as possible.