EXECUTE A Pattern Is Seen By You?

I’ve told the story plot before how in the past I happily agreed to help one of my daughter’s move back again to Phoenix from LA. I pitched along with last minute packaging and generating the rental pickup truck. She actually is her father’s little girl. Well, things didn’t go quite as arranged. On your day of the move, the packers got lowered her off their timetable.

The fellow who was going to get the microwave made the decision after several text messages that he didn’t want it enough to come get it. For some reason the women who were simply getting it thought she was to pick it up on Sunday, Friday not. No record was had with the wire company of the pick up of the equipment.

The tow pickup truck to get the car was late. Even the apartment consultant was 45 minutes later than the arranged time. Do you visit a pattern? We did certainly. It had been the absolute importance of keeping commitments. Not one apologized, except for a few, insincere “Sorry about that.” The insensitivity to the inconvenience, and even the anger shown whenever we suggested their actions were harmful taught us a very valuable lesson. Keeping a commitment used to be always a serious matter rather.

It was known that a promise had been made. A dedication intended you and I possibly could trust each other to take action at a specific time or in a certain way. Today, it seems more likely a commitment is considered flexible. When it suits the person or business that made the promise is when it will be fulfilled. I can’t begin to detail the reasons why commitments are not that important any longer to an increasing segment of society. But, I would like to have a stab at talking about why it is believed by me is a blunder. A commitment kept shows respect for others.

  1. Largely a cash-driven business with up-front obligations
  2. In payment handling: EV/Sales = 0.24 + 15.8 (Operating Margin) R squared= 84%
  3. “Bootstrapped” businesses are produced by founders with little or no outside investment
  4. Adopt a far more respectful firmness
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When a guarantee is made to do something, there is someone else or business that is relying on you. Mae West once said, “An ounce of performance will probably be worth pounds of promises.” To produce a dedication and then address it as not so important, or flexible in its execution, says the other person isn’t as valuable as you.

It says your convenience and your needs must always come first. A dedication held shows respect for yourself. You are placing your personal integrity and reputation at risk. You are not willing to fail someone else who is depending on you. You intend to be known as somebody who delivers what he guarantees.

You believe it is possible to take responsibility as it affects others. A dedication kept shows an understanding of your energy and energy. Sometimes I have over-committed myself. I think I can do more than I could. I have promised more than I can deliver based on my available time or abilities. I don’t want to state “No” to somebody who asks me for something.