How To Install An Un-Signed Third Party Driver In Windows 8

I have a very old Knoica Minolta laser beam printing device at home. So, when I attempted to set up it on my installed Home windows 8 machine newly, I was told that the drivers can’t be installed because the INF file is not digitally agreed upon. It doesn’t even give me the choice to go ahead anyway.

So how can I bypass this limitation to have my un-signed drivers installed? Is exactly what I figured and did to get around it Here. I to launch the charm bar, and click Change PC Settings in the bottom. Then, go to General, and scroll to the bottom of the web page, click the Restart button under Advanced Startup section Now.

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Remember to save all your work first before pressing it. Remember that on Windows 8.1, the Advanced Startup option has transferred to recovery and Update section under Recovery. The computer reboots to a startup menu, where click Troubleshoot. And click Advanced Options at the next screen. And click Restart button. The computer reboots and prompts another menu to choose.

One of the things is to Disable driver personal enforcement. Press number 7, 7 or F7 to keep booting to Windows 8 with digital sign enforcement disabled. And I was able to get the Windows Security warning windows offering me to set up this driver in any case. Restart the computer once again to re-enable the digital indication enforcement. I would suggest changing the UAC settings first to see if the Install Anyway window prompts out. The solution showing off in this article ought to be the last resort to try out. And make sure the drivers you are about to install is safe, though not signed digitally.

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