What These Brexiters Want Be Done By The Hell?

I’m pretty sure we all remember how Brexiters chose to fearmonger about TTIP to sell the case for Brexit. The debate against the TTIP commercial power get is an extremely strong one, so it’s no wonder Brexiters jumped on the anti-TTIP bandwagon. ¬£billions in settlement from the taxpayer in secretive transnational tribunals managed by a little music group of extremely highly paid, mainly US based, corporate attorneys and arbiters. It didn’t matter just how many times people like me remarked that although TTIP is an extremely bad idea, it would need to be approved by every national government in the EU before maybe it’s implemented.

It didn’t matter that we pointed out that the Greek authorities had already sworn to veto it. It didn’t matter that people remarked that the left-leaning government authorities in Portugal and France would be extremely improbable to endorse it either. EU assault point for the Brexiters to use, plus they did in their hundreds.

Fast ahead a couple of months and the adoption of another EU transnational commercial power get called CETA has been stalled by three regional governments in Belgium. Three of the six Belgian federal government parliaments have objected to the offer with Canada (the Wallonia region, the Brussels-Capital region, and the French community) so Belgium will never be able to register with it.

This deal between your EU and Canada includes the same kind of shady ISDS tribunals as TTIP. It’s exactly these sovereignty destroying ISDS components that are the main objection of Belgian politicians like Paul Magnette who’ve led the opposition to CETA. The response from Brexiters has been comically hypocritical. They’re now endeavoring to declare that the CETA is a superb thing and that the EU is a basket case for allowing regional democratic parliaments to obstruct this supposedly marvelous deal! Before the referendum it was pretty much impossible to discover a Brexiter who argue in favor of TTIP because criticizing TTIP conformed with their anti-EU agenda.

Just a couple of months later it’s virtually impossible to discover a Brexiter who’ll admit that CETA is the same kind of sovereignty destroying corporate and business power grab as TTIP. What the hell do these Brexiters want? A few months ago they were informing us that commercial power grabs were wicked and unacceptable episodes on our democratic sovereignty to be able to force their anti-EU plan. Now they’re informing us that giant corporate power grabs will be the absolute bees’ legs and the EU is a completely dysfunctional basket case because individual member states and federal regions can assert their democratic sovereignty to obstruct them!

Either the EU is a huge anti-democratic behemoth which imposes sinister commercial power grabs against member expresses’ wills, or it’s a democratic organization which allows member-state governments to obstruct wonderful, amazing. It cannot be both. It appears to boil right down to this. Belgian regional parliaments may be used to attack the EU, then hoards of Brexiters will to do this.

The double dosage of hypocrisy is absolutely searing. This multi-layered Brexiter hypocrisy is a perfect illustration of the blinkered and anti-intellectual ideological Puritanism that is modifying British politics. As far as millions of individuals are now worried the EU is pure bad and they’re determined to strike it out of every angle, no matter how hypocritical they make their cause look along the way utterly. Another Angry Voice is a “Pay As YOU ARE FEELING” website. You can have access to all of my work for free, or you can choose to make a small donation to help me keep writing. The choice is yours entirely.

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