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How to install a second bottom level hard drive in an OMEN by HP DESKTOP COMPUTER 880-120? It offers 2 HD slots on the bottom. One slot gets the 1-TB HD with the recovery partion and I wish to install an SSD and keep the other one too. I cannot find another SATA Data connection. It offers 2 SATA power connectors in one cable. Dream-Weaver, pleasant to the discussion board. You will have to buy a SATA “Y” adapter for connecting the SSD.

If you haven’t bought the SSD, I would recommend that you buy a Samsung SSD highly. They appear to work best with HP motherboards and BIOS’es. The Product Specifications declare that the is a 256 GB M.2 SSD available in the computer, also. See the section titled “Hard drives”. I have helped you and click Accept as Solution if your trouble is solved.

Thanks for the reply but the SATA “Y” adapter is for power. I cannot see anywhere for connecting a cable for the data connector. I need to know where you can look. This video shows how to swap one drive for another. It shows two drives in underneath bays, what it generally does not show is where in fact the power and data wire connerctors originate from. Any help would be greatly valued.

Your correct. While the Power Supply (PSU) must have a spare SATA power lead, extra SATA dact cable are “never” supplied. You will find 4 SATA motherboard headers. Their stacked in pairs along the edge of the board. The four are full. What I’m looking for probably doesn’t can be found. Why would they not include a fifth, since there are two bottom bays? I could disconnect the one for the ODD and utilize it, but one of the good reasons I purchased this computer was because it got a CD-DVD.

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Everytime you add another concern. 1TB hard drive, and 1 DVD drive. I only see 1 option, the PCIEx4 slot. Thanks for again replying. You can find what HP calls 2 external slots for hard drives. What I’m woundering is if I move the bottom 1TB HDD (the one with the recovery program) to 1 of those top slot machines will the recovery program find the drive to run this program? Unless your ready to answer my questions in regards to what is connected to the 4 SATA ports, I can’t help you. The boot drive must not be shifted off it’s cabling. That is at the video that you offered.

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