Is Potassium Hydroxide In Skin Care Safe?

Is potassium hydroxide in skin care secure? Is potassium hydroxide in skin care protected? I just obtained a new toner and ran the elements by cosdna and potassium hydroxide was the second last ingredient. People were speaking about its corrosive properties (at increased percentages) and it is a 5 on the cosdna irritant chart.

Does anyone have any information on this? It’s primary and might be used to degree out the pH of the product. Used alone, it is a big irritant to the pores and skin, but might be safe to be used in low portions in skin care products. Personally, I avoid basic elements like KOH and NaOH, however chemistry is just not my strong go well with so someone else may have the ability to let you know extra about it. You’re proper, KOH and NaOH are both used as pH adjusters in cosmetics.

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Strangely, Wikipedia doesn’t have anything on its cosmetic use but BeautyPedia does. Undecided how reliable this site is, but Truth in Aging basically says low concentrations are unlikely to trigger points. No. Absolutely not it will burn your skin off and eat through the bone. As the very very minute amount utilized in skincare as a pH balancer? As with all the pieces toxicity depends on dose. I do know it’s in a physique wash I exploit, and I have never had any issues – no breakouts or irritation. It was the one ingredient on the label I did not acknowledge, and you’re right, there’s not much info on it online (I mean, I saw the chemical construction of the molecule on wikipedia, however that does not inform me a lot).

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