Hollee’s Weight Loss Success Story ((In Progress))

Please accept this letter as supporting evidence for an charm to BCBSNC’s decision to refuse coverage for revision of bariatric surgery from my current Lap Band to roux en Y Gastric Bypass. In conclusion, I refute that there has been no perioperative or past due complication of previous bariatric surgery, as I have been received and diagnosed treatment for GERD only post-lap music group positioning.

Other post-operative problems include polyphagia, dysphagia, extreme aggressive lap music group adjustments, and failing to reach a wholesome weight through no problem of my very own. I also refute that there are insufficient serial information to show post-operative compliance. However, not surprisingly, my weight lack of over 100 pounds should demonstrate irrefutable proof conformity by itself.

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  • Stop eating out
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The rest of this letter will serve to describe the medical requirement for revision surgery and disprove the reason behind denial from BCBSNC. You may already know, my Lap Band treatment was performed on 17September2012. My highest noted weight in the a few months leading to surgery was 344.4 pounds., on the day of surgery was 327 pounds and my weight. In the entire months following surgery, I followed my post-op liquid diet fastidiously, transitioned to soft foods, kept my diet between 1000-1200 calories and protein between 60-100g by tracking my diet on the myfitnesspal phone application and slowly started exercising.

Over the first 1 . 5 years, my lowest weight was 238 lbs. The first a few months were not easy however the tool was perfect primarily. The Lap Band helped me control my hunger so that as I lost weight, it became easier to exercise. I did so not realize how uncomfortable I had fashioned become in my body until I started to feel better.

Around March 2013, I started to end up having my band. One day it would feel like I possibly could eat as though I didn’t have surgery and then your next day I’d experience severe dysphagia leading to me to get sick and tired just from drinking water. There have been certain triggers that I knew would cause the dysphagia and make the music group feel tight, for example: allergy symptoms, stress, and menstruation. Other times the resources of the dysphagia and tightness were unexplainable.

This complication business lead to frequent visits to the have my band filled up and unfilled. In addition to clinic appointments for unfills, I went to the Emergency Room at Durham Regional Hospital in April 2013 for an unfill of my band credited to dysphagia. I was struggling to swallow my very own saliva by the right time I arrived at the ER that day. The discomfort from my band began to worsen while i started experiencing reflux. I did so not have problems with acid reflux prior to surgery, but I began to realize the reflux could be the reason for my band feeling ‘tighter’, or for food/water coming back up after eating or drinking.

I have been taking Nexium OTC to help control the pain but it isn’t always successful and I still find myself dealing with the distress frequently. On 03July2013, In the morning I woke up unable to drink drinking water. I thought this feeling would pass; it is often difficult for me to drink anything in the morning without vomiting since having my Lap Band placed, so this has turned into a new normal for me.